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Visit Mas Blanch i Jové
Type Visit and Wine and cava
Location Lleida Garrigues - La Pobla de Cérvoles
Prices from 15,0€
The winery was designed by renowned painter Josep Guinovart
A visit to Mas Blanch i Jové includes:

- Guided visit inside the cellar where we explain the eleboration of the vine and you can see the works "Entre el Cel i la Terra" de Gregorio Iglesias, masterpiece painted during two months between the vineyards that covers all four walls barrel room and the "Initial Notes (the Song of the Hortolà)" by Stephen Casanova and Josepe Gil, flying sculptures with light games, shadows with their soundtrack. In addition to the works of Guinovart and temporary exhibitions of the moment. 

- Tasting of 3 vines Saó

- Tasting of 2 olive oil extra virgin 

- The Artists Vineyard walk where you can see sculptures and landscape installations between olive groves and vineyards.

- Gift of one bottle of Petit Saó, Petit Blanc Saó o Saó Rosat (choose depending of the availability) (2 people - 2 bottle)

* 10% discount in purchases of all our vines. 

To do the whole route we have created a mobile application in English, Catalan and Spanish that guide you and explains the different works and talks about different authors and suggests music along the way.

PRICE: 15 €/person
The winery was designed by renowned painter Josep Guinovart, close friend of the family, and has in its interior with the work 'In Vino Veritas' a 10.5 meters mural dedicated to the cellar and that was his last great job. Also in the cellar you can see the works "Between Heaven and Earth" by Gregorio Iglesias: a wonderful painting created more than 60 meters for more than two months in the open air, in the middle of the Artists Vineyard or "Initial Notes (the Song of the Hortolà)" sculptures suspended in the middle of a mobile game of lights and shadows. 

MAS BLANCH I JOVÉ understand the wine as a form of artistic expression and therefore have an original project that links painting, poetry, theater, music, etc. with the land and the wine called "The Artists Vineyard' and that made that we won in 2015 the Wine Tourism Award of Catalonia in the category of Art and Culture. Before you taste the fabulous wines SAÓ, you can hear the wind through "The Land organ" by Josep Guinovart, see how "The Santaneta" from the musician and composer Carles Santos sailed over a tree, see "The light hovering above the Earth" by Esteve Casanoves, a giant vine of 8 meters high that, at night, illuminates subtly the starry sky of the Artists Vineyard, inspire between olive groves while contemplate the magnetic " signatures nº1" by Susana Solano, fix the vision through the door "Framing the Dream: Dialogue" by Asunción Mateo, enjoy the landscape intervention "Burst" by Frederic Amat that reflects the natural light or see the "Bull head" by Joan Brossa in the amphitheater of the "The No Nothing of all, "an A reversed that smiles in the evening. 

In addition, they often organize temporal exhibitions and events with poetry, music, marriages of diferent products, etc. Walking through its installations and its vineyards is an experience that sublimates where you taste their products. They indicate that they produce wines to be enjoyed, this is the their maximum, that their wines express their love for the land (there are organic wines, with no herbicides or pesticides, grape vineyards harvested by hand at their optimum maturity) and they are fresh and elegant. 

The result has also seduced the most prestigious critics both domestically (Peñín, Gourmets, Intervinos Guide to Wines of Catalonia ...) and international (Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar: more than 90 points with all their wines) that have praised the quality and character of their wines. 

After the guided tour where you will be able to know how and wherethe  products has produced Mas Blanch i Jové, and you'll realize a tasting of organic extra virgin olive oil brand Olimar, with mini toasts, and, in addition, you can try, at least, two of the following wines: Little white Saó, Saó White, Saó Pink, Little Saó, Saó Abrivat and Saó expressive. 

Each bottle is a small art exhibition: a work crafted with passion and accurately for more than two years to bring pleasure and happiness to those who drink it after. A gift for your palate. Saó, wines that inspire.
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Visit Mas Blanch i Jové in La Pobla de Cérvoles ( Lleida Garrigues )

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