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Lleida Noguera
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Freshing hikings
Break the routine and hot weather, all summer evenings.
Location: Lleida Pla d'Urgell - Pla d’Urgell - Noguera

Evenings in July and August,  freshing walks and cycling routes at Pla d'Urgell and Noguera, with picnic-supper, corn maze, wine tasting, cultural activities, astronomy, ...

Selection of the evening breaks, Monday to Thursday, which will begin when the sun no longer squeezed and end when it gets dark.

We invite you to discover our region

From Monday 16 July to 31 August, every day we exit:

  - MondayMontse Roman roads and astronomical observation.   19 h. -  Price: 9€ + 9€

  - Tuesday :  Castellserà, land border , and corn maze at night.  19 h. -  Price: 12€

  - Wednesday :  The tracks of water.    17 h. -  Price: 12€

  - Thursday :  Freshing MTB.  Water and wine, by  bicycle.    17 h. -  Price: 13.90€

  • All options include picnic dinner in the price.
  • All routes are circular and return to the point where we left the cars.

Guide, Diner and Pique-nique

What should I bring?

Footwear suitable for roads, the sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, flashlight and water bottle with water or front .... Bicycle and mountain bike and helmet, the output on the Thursday.


  - Monday :  The Roman roads Montsec  and  astronomical observation.   -  Price: € 9 + 9 €

Meeting place Ager , car road between Temple c / Ager. 

Time of meeting : 19 h.

Duration : We will hike about  4 hours, plus the astronomical observation (2 hours)

Come walk with us through history while enjoying the views of the Valley and Ager Montsec Ares. 

The Roman Road to Ager is a branch of the Via Augusta that out of France crossed the Pyrenees and the Montsec, passed through and reached the plain of Lleida to Zaragoza. The Tower and the Chapel of the case are remains of an old castle in the Val d'Ager.

Astronomical Observation optional tour (€ 9.00)

  - Tuesday :  Castellserà, land border , and corn maze at night. -  Price:  € 12

Meeting placeTornabous front restaurant or gas station on the Moli Relief

Time of meeting : 19 h.

Duration : We will hike about  4 hours ,  plus time to Labyrinth trigue that (1 or 2 hours)

The Pillar of Beacon is located in a watchtower capdamnunt Sierra de Almenara at a height of 457 meters. 

This privileged location makes it a fantastic viewpoint Montsec northwards and southwards Plana d'Urgell.

Making a turn for the Urgell pass one of its highlights, the Sierra Almenara.

The activity includes the walk and the corn maze in Castellserà.

  - Wednesday :  The paths of water.    -  Price: € 12

Meeting place : Canal House (Museum Consortium Of Water Canal d'Urgell), Mollerussa

Time of meeting : 17 am.

Duration : Guided tour of the Museum of Water (1 hour) and then do a walk of about  4 hours .

Man, water and landscape: the dream that became reality.
Water is essential for the development of any community. In counties that spans the canal d'Urgell has been the key to transforming natural, economic and social. 
Come and spend an evening with friends or family and discover the birth of a region.

  - Thursday :   Freshing MTB Water and wine, by  bicycle.  -   Price: € 13.90

Meeting placeCastell del Remei

Time of meeting : 17 am.

Duration : Guided tour and wine tasting  (1 hour) and then do a ride of about  2 hours .

Discover how these two elements coexist. This route will be used by the Pla d'Urgell mountain biking as a means of transport. 
Route that runs through three sections of the Canal d'Urgell that brought water and "life" in the region. Visit the wineries have had on the Castell del Remei. Works of the wine Costers del Segre. 

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