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Pallargues Castle
The gothic fortress
Location: Lleida - Les Pallargues
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Magnificent medieval contruction raised on the top of a small hill, on the first periods isolated and finally sheltered for the houses that have been built arount it.

The Pallargues’ Castle is from irregular floor, formed from three polygons with diferent dimensions, on those we can find different stances.

We can higlight of this building, the magnific gothic arch of 13 meters of height, the wide rooms and big picture windows, like the Nobility room, and all the rest warm rooms: the ancient bedroom, the chapel, the cellar...

The Pallargues' Castle won the award “Catalunya Nostra” given by the Foundation “Castells Culturals de Catalunya”, for the great effort made in his rehabilitation, and in his culture use and conservation of the fortress.


The owner of the castle on the year 1315 was Berenguer of Rajadell and with the pass of the time belonged to the lords of Concabella, the family Argençola and the Rocaberti family, nowadays the actual owners are the family Rovira.

From the construction we can highlight: his external aspect, for his main facade, with a gothic arcade of meters of height, and a cilindric watch tower on a side. The nobility floor is presided  by the Chapters room, a sober and elegant space, with a very high roof, going there you can log in to the ancient bedroom and the Chapel of Sant Miquel.


Some curiosities: The yard with the spiral staircase that leads to the  underground prisons, the ice well, the cellar, and the canals system built-in the stone to gather the water that fell from the rain.


By car: From Cervera using the road L-304 you will reach Pallargues.

By train: the nearest railway stations are Cervera (15 km) and Tarrega (17 km).

By bus: Following the Regular line until you reach Guissona (9 km).

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